StayWoW@home FAQ


1. What is this program all about? What are the four areas that it covers?

Ans: StayWoW@home, is a wholesome wellness program delivered entirely online by Rewardz. Comprising virtual fitness classes, wellness talks & workshops, telemedicine, and a host of discounts handpicked for a remote workforce, this subscription program will boost engagement and help your employees stay WOW while at home.

2. Why does my company need this program?

Ans: With the stay home periods extended in most countries in the region, organizations have been forced to WFH and adapt their business practices. StayWoW@home helps you balance business continuity with employee wellness and engagement during this challenging time.

3. How does this program differ from the free sessions organized by individual fitness providers/sports entities?

Ans: StayWoW@home offers curated online classes by our fitness partners. Unlike most other programs out there, StayWoW@home sessions are live and interactive. The session instructor would provide real-time feedback to the participants for an enhanced experience. In addition, we provide a variety of fitness options including HIIT, Muay Thai, Pilates, Konga and Yoga, and wellness talks. All classes will be held on 1 consistent online platform (Zoom), thereby ensuring consistent user experience. We do not store or use any personal information such as name, email, and phone numbers for marketing purposes.

4. Can I opt out of some aspects of this program at a reduced fee?

Ans: No, our subscription package comprises 40 fitness and wellness virtual sessions held over 4 weeks as well as telemedicine and curated discounts. This gives your employees a variety of options to choose from.

You can explore our separate package of exclusive classes conducted for your organization, at a separate fee. Contact our sales team for more information.


5. Will there be people from other companies in the same session as my company? I feel uncomfortable with that.

Ans: Yes, there would be individuals from other organisations in the same sessions; this is no different from the workshops & fitness classes that we usually attend at the local gyms. Rewardz representatives will be monitoring each class and reserves the right to expel anyone exhibiting untoward behavior in these sessions. Individuals who are shy are welcome to turn-off their cameras and follow the instructions from the coach onscreen. Nonetheless, should you still have concerns regarding shared sessions, please contact our sales team to explore our separate package of exclusive classes conducted for your organization, at a separate fee.

6. What if I want exclusive sessions for my company only?

Ans: Company exclusive sessions can be arranged at a separate package fee. Contact us for more information on the minimum number of such sessions and pricing.

7. What are the tech requirements at my end to be able to participate in this program?

Ans: Users can access the online classes simply via their smartphone, tablets, iPads, laptops or PC and be connected via broadband internet connection. They can install the Zoom App or access directly via their browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari). Do note that Rewardz is not liable for any disruptions to the class experience resulting from any internet connectivity issues at the participants’ end.

8. Is there a max limit to the number of participants per session? How is it decided? What if my team cannot get access to the classes despite paying the subscription fee?

Ans: Classes will be delivered via Zoom with a limit of 1,000 participants per session. Participants can enter the session on a first-come first-serve basis. We will continuously be monitoring session access, and if this becomes an issue in the future, we will consider increasing the number of parallel sessions.

9. Can I avail of this program without downloading the CERRA Rewards app?

Ans: The program details will be made available on the CERRA Rewards App along with the links and directions to access the sessions. The app will also provide access to a host of discounts handpicked by Rewardz and can be downloaded for free via the App Store or Google Play.

10. What are the house rules for participating in these sessions?

Ans: We require all participants to comply by our basic house rules, which have been put into place to provide a uniform and enriching experience to all participants.

House Rules:

  • To maximise the benefit from this program through timely feedback, participants should have their cameras turned on
  • All participants will be muted upon entry
  • Please set the display as speaker view (rather than gallery view) by clicking at the icon on the top right of the screen
  • Each session will last for 45 minutes
  • We reserve the right to remove any participant who behaves inappropriately during these sessions
  • Classes may be recorded for training and safeguarding purposes


11. Does the subscription give access to all my staff across geographies?

Ans: The sessions can be made available online for your employees across countries. Please contact us for more details.

12. Is this a long-term initiative or only until end May 2020?

Ans: We pride ourselves on building engagement through relevance. As such, we will monitor interest in this program and continue it for as long as it is relevant.

13. What happens if I cannot start on 11 May? Is the subscription on a 4-week rolling basis?

Ans: Yes, the StayWoW@home subscription is on a 4-week rolling basis depending on the date that you join the program. Please contact us for more details.

14. Does the subscription automatically roll on to the next month or get auto terminated at the end of the month?

Ans: Your StayWoW@home subscription will be automatically renewed for a further 4-weeks at the end of the current subscription period. If you choose to opt out, please give us at least a 1-week notice over email and we will terminate your program at the end of the current subscription period. Should Rewardz choose to discontinue this program, we will inform you in advance with a 1-week notice.

15. How does program termination work?

Ans: If you choose to opt out of StayWoW@home, please give us at least a 1-week notice over email and we will terminate your program at the end of the current subscription period.

16. What is the billing frequency?

Ans: Billing would be on a monthly basis, payable at the start of every monthly subscription period.