Integrated Reward Solution For Employees & Sales Teams Regionally

Category: Real Estate
Product: CERRA Applause

“Managers are more appreciative of their staff and employees feel more appreciated at work“ - CHRO

Southeast Asia’s largest property technology company, with over 1,700 employees and operations across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and India. The client aimed to bring together employees from various countries through a reward platform.


Appreciations exchanged


Reward Redemption


  • Aligning employees across countries to common core values
  • Making spot rewarding easy and efficient for line managers
  • Offering a reward catalogue across different countries, that appeals to diverse employees


  • Customised and fully branded CERRA Applause, both mobile app and web platform launched in 2018 to employees in the head office; and subsequently across all markets.
  • Initial implementation was a peer-based recognition program using the Appreciate feature linked to the client’s core values. The strong uptake among employees led to sales incentive programs being mapped into CERRA Applause as well within 12 months of launch
  • Automation of long service & birthday awards; language customisation to Vietnamese


  • Helped integrate new acquisitions and align employees across regional operations to core values of the client
  • Consistently strong reward utilisation with 37,000+ redemptions since the launching, translating to reduced time and administrative burden on client via access to the Rewardz marketplace
  • 100,000+ appreciations exchanged among colleagues across all 6 countries; where 87.3% of employees have given an appreciation message
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