Employee Engagement.

  • Get all your staff recognition, flexible benefits and wellness programs in one place
  • Empower employees and build trust with continuous recognition
  • Leverage local rewards for your global employees. Anytime. Anywhere.
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The right employee rewards program in Singapore

Redefining Employee Recognition
in Singapore and Beyond

Did you know that companies with highly engaged
employees experience...

Increase in profitability
Increase in productivity
Reduction in staff turnover

Since 2012, we have successfully empowered over 1,500,000 employees through mobile solutions that integrate the latest best practices in employee reward and recognition, flexible benefits program and corporate wellness programs for workplaces in Singapore and beyond.

Leveraging our extensive digital rewards marketplace, boost employee motivation in the workplace through our staff incentives and recognition solutions, combine administrative efficiency with the point-earning capabilities of our intuitive super-flex benefits program, and promote health and productivity with our corporate wellness programs. Contact us today to find out how you can enjoy the benefits of a highly engaged workforce.

Our Value Proposition

Our workplace rewards program make your employees happier
and help your business grow

Employee recognition solution Singapore
Value Amplifiers for Your Employee

Your employees will truly appreciate the multiple
benefits of our recognition solutions

Extensive reward marketplace (>1,000 local/regional brands)

Enhanced employee rewards program at the workplace

Transparent recognition and incentives

Super flex benefits and point-earning capabilities

Enhanced health and wellness

Increased team bonding and improved engagement

Clearer communications and stronger networks

Seamless access and ease of use

Benefits to Your Business

Our employee recognition solutions promise to help your business grow,
keep your employees happy and reduce your administrative efforts

Strong and sustainable engagement

Employee alignment with corporate values

Increased productivity and improved bottom-lines

AI enhanced ease and quality of recognition

Improved communication through AI

Administrative efficiencies & cost savings

Culture of appreciation, recognition and bonding

Increased staff loyalty

Boost employee engagement with recognition

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Seamless integrations of our workplace reward program with HRMS, Single Sign-On with secure authentication,
communication platforms, messaging apps, GPT3 and more

Over 20+ Integrations with your Tech Infrastructure & Platforms

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